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About BridgeWay

We are a Word and Spirit church that governs under a family and five-fold leadership model. Our vision is Revival; our priority is His Presence.

Who we are

We are a Word and Spirit, Presence-centered, multi-cultural, and inter-generational ministry governed under a five-fold leadership and family model. We are both a local church and an Apostolic Resource Center, meaning that we do all the regular church things: a Sunday morning service, running ministries, attending small groups, and discipleship – while functioning apostolically with five-fold ministry, Kingdom partnerships, itinerant missions, regional equipping, a school of ministry, and working with local businesses, city leaders, and non-profits to bless our community and transform our region.


Our Calling to a Spiritual Territory

Calling Statement: BridgeWay is called to be a covenant family that hosts God’s presence, fosters a freedom and revival culture, and ministers the Kingdom of God to our city, region, and world. We do so through a local church expression and by serving as a regional apostolic resource center.

Read the 12 Aspects of Our Spiritual Territory.
  • A people in radical pursuit of God, going after the fullness of His Kingdom.


  • A people who make connecting with God’s presence and intimacy with Him a top priority. His Presence is the life flow that changes lives and releases Heaven’s blueprints and the gospel of Christ in love and power. Fruitful ministry flows from intimacy.


  • Freedom in worship: Freedom is found in letting the Holy Spirit guide and lead the church in all contexts (leadership, worship services, preaching, etc.). Spirit-led worship is to be a main event, not simply a lead-in to a sermon.


  • The Holy Spirit’s gifts, power, and ministry: All of His spiritual gifts, power, leadership, and presence are to be welcomed, honored, and openly modeled in our ministry.


  • An empowering, equipping, and sending culture. “People before programs.” We must partner with a person’s calling and gifts and help equip and promote them as Kingdom disciples/revivalists in church or marketplace ministry.


  • A relational family founded on trust and honor, expressing genuine love, commitment, and emotional and relational maturity. Our family is to model a culture of love and life, where the body ministers to each other and where our leaders, fathers, equip and empower the saints.


  • A lifestyle of discipleship, including Christ-like character, passion, and maturity.


  • A renewal/revival culture – Renewal occurs when God’s Spirit calls His people into a deeper walk with Him and empowers them with His love and the Holy Spirit’s power and passion. Revival occurs when a renewed people sweep in the lost.


  • Adaptability to God’s leading, to not be trapped in style and methodology.


  • Becoming a blessing to our region – to bring unity where there has been division and a claim-jumping spirit, to bring together pastors and leaders in true kingdom partnerships, to cultivate open heaven and revival in our region through intercession and the presence and power of God in our midst, and to broker the ways of the Spirit and Kingdom.


  • We are a “presence-based” church or family of local churches, allowing the Holy Spirit to build and lead the Kingdom of God among us. We are a covenant community that builds disciples, loves and cares for one another as family, and launches people into their full Kingdom potential.


  • Our ministry will embody the essence of an Apostolic Resource Center in the way it functions. This involves resourcing and equipping others in the Kingdom and kingdom partnerships that foster unity and the move of God. Someday, we also want to build a physical center that functions with various non-profit ministries and Kingdom businesses to serve our community. Our apostolic resource center will have regional and global reach. Its impact will foster cultural transformation.


Worship-Image-people-raising-hands in a sanctuary

Our vision is worldwide revival and regional transformation through empowering people in the power of the Holy Spirit, their identity in Christ, and the outward lifestyle of Jesus.

Core Values


BridgeWay is a covenant family that ministers God’s Presence and Kingdom L.I.F.E. to our people, our city, region, and world.

Our Apostolic Relationships


We honor our Apostolic fathers in the faith. We are grateful for their covering, blessings, and impartation in the life of BridgeWay. We partner with them to expand God’s Kingdom. 

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

(Matt. 6:33)

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