Sunday Service: 9:30 AM (303) 695 8400

Passionately touching Heaven

Significantly changing Earth

“They have mastered getting out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit move.”

~Daniel Whited

“I love the hunger for God in this community.”​

~Jacob Green

Encounter Jesus.

Encounter God’s Presence and the Holy Spirit in a Biblically rooted environment.

Transform Your Life.

You’ll ignite your passion and be trained and equipped to live in your calling.

Make A Difference.

Join a community practicing the ways of Jesus for the sake of unity and revival.



When it comes to being a follower of Jesus, many people desire a faith that means more than simply attending church.

BridgeWay is a place to meet the Holy Spirit, encounter God, be empowered in your full potential, and run with a community that’s passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom here on earth.

What to expect.

Whenever we meet, we gather around God’s Presence first and foremost. Whether it’s a Sunday worship service, a home group, or a special event, we hope that you and your family will encounter the Holy Spirit, receive sound Biblical teaching, and find meaningful friendships and community.

We don’t care about your age, the color of your skin, how you’re dressed, or if you’ve ever been to church before; we DO care about you and the uniqueness you bring to our community.

Our vision is revival, our mission is Denver.

This is our city, and we love it. We also know God loves it, and especially the people in it. Our mission is to spread that love to everyone who lives here because we want Denver to be famous for what Jesus is doing.


We’re a growing community with lots of things going on, but we’re always drawn back to the simplicity of worshiping God together and being intentional in each other’s lives.


Meet our people.

Our people are like family to us. 



We’d love to hear from you and help you connect to our community in whatever way we can. You can also find contact for specific groups and ministries by browsing their listings.