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BridgeWay Safety

Our Purpose

The purpose of the safety team at Bridgeway is to safeguard the church community. It begins with fostering relationships, ensuring safety, and creating a sense of belonging. This is why we have a comprehensive plan in place to protect everyone, with a special focus on the children of Bridgeway.

Our Commitment

Our commitment begins by assisting with the check-in process for “King’s Kids” and maintaining secure, locked doors to enhance the safety of our children. Additionally, we keep a vigilant watch on the sanctuary through our team of members who employ discreet communication methods to uphold safety and security. This enables our members to worship freely and concentrate on the Word without concerns about their safety.

We remain dedicated to the well-being of our community and continuously strive to enhance the safety measures in place at Bridgeway.

Join Us

We are consistently seeking new team members to join the Safety Team within the church on Sundays and at our various conferences held outside of typical Sundays. We invite you to consider becoming part of the team. The first step is to click below and fill out an application/background check. A team member will then contact you with further instructions.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the safety team at 

Ensuring the safety of all individuals is a top priority for the safety team. This commitment is upheld through adherence to procedures for kids, staff, speakers, volunteers, the worship team, and the entire church body. All safety team members receive training on how to respond to various events and how to communicate with other team members on duty during services.

The team is led by Dallas Strankman, who brings years of experience in First Aid, CPR, Stop the Bleed and trauma training. Additionally, he is trained in nonviolent crisis intervention, complemented by verbal de-escalation training. Dallas is also a registered behavior technician with extensive experience in Applied Behavior Analysis.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the safety and well-being of our community.

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