Kingdom Nights at BridgeWay are a place for people in our region to come together and experience God’s wonderful presence, dive into understanding more about the Kingdom of God and how it operates today, and to interact with one another as we teach, model, and empower the ministry of Jesus. There will be worship, teaching, group discussion, modeling, Q and A, impartation, prayer and more!

In this first block, we will be exploring Prophetic Ministry. Some of the questions we will dive into include…

  • How do I hear God’s voice with greater clarity and in ministry situations?
  • What is prophecy and prophetic ministry and how is it activated in my life?
  • How can I give and receive healthy prophetic ministry personally, including how to handle the information I seem to be given with integrity?
  • How do I discern good or bad prophetic words and assess this ministry when it does not always seem to come to pass?
  • How do I differentiate a word of knowledge from a prophetic word?

In answering these questions, we will cover biblical examples and teaching on prophecy. We will discuss the elements in a prophetic word, how it is to be interpreted, and various levels of prophecy. While not necessary to watch, we will review, discuss, model, and build on the six-week sermon series that was given in BridgeWay in February and March 2021 (view at February 21 through March 28th) with the goal of a greater understanding and, most importantly, activating this ministry in the lives of those attending.

We welcome everyone to jump into the wonderful exploration of the kingdom of God with us! As you do, we believe you will become more activated, empowered, and confident that Holy Spirit wants to move through YOU to release the kingdom of God here and now!

Join us Sunday evenings starting April 11 through May 23 (we’ll take May 9th off for Mother’s day).  Our sessions will start at 6:00p.  Plan to join us in person as this event will not live streamed.



There will be a special time for children ages birth to Kindergarten.  Games, songs, snacks and playtime will be available.  There are a limited number of spots available so registration is required.  The cost for for this is $30 for all 6 weeks and we do have a small number of scholarships currently available.