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BridgeWay Healing Rooms

By His stripes we are healed 



At BridgeWay Healing Rooms, our vision is to witness the restoration of physical health and emotional well-being in the lives of individuals. Inspired by the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, we are dedicated to seeing people healed from bodily sicknesses and emotional unwellness, ensuring Jesus receives the full reward for His suffering. Our foundational belief, “By His stripes, we are healed,” propels us forward in faith and action.

Our Values

Our ministry is anchored in core values that guide our approach to healing and service:

  • We Value God’s Presence: Recognizing that true healing flows from God’s intimate presence, we prioritize creating an environment where His presence is felt profoundly.
  • We Affirm the Goodness of God: Our belief in God’s unchanging goodness shapes our expectations for healing and miracles.
  • We Believe God Can and Still Heals: We stand firm in the belief that healing is a present reality and expect divine intervention in the lives of those we pray for.
  • Healing is Found in the Atoning Work of Jesus Christ: We hold that Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross provided for both our salvation and our healing.


  • Healing Brings God’s Kingdom Reign to People: Through healing, we witness the tangible manifestation of God’s Kingdom on earth as lives are transformed and restored.

Meeting Days and Times

The BridgeWay Healing Rooms are open every Sunday from 12 PM to 2 PM, immediately following the Sunday Service. This schedule allows us to serve our community at a time when many are already gathered and receptive to the move of God’s Spirit.

 Format & Resources

The BridgeWay Healing Rooms operate under a carefully structured format to facilitate an atmosphere of faith and expectancy for healing:

    • Walk-in Healing Room: No appointments are necessary, allowing for spontaneous participation from those in need of healing.
    • Registration and Consent: Upon arrival, individuals are asked to fill out a short form detailing personal information, specifics of their sickness, and consent for prayer.
    • Teaching and Testimonies: Each session begins with a 10-minute teaching focused on biblical principles of healing, accompanied by powerful testimonies to build faith.
    • Encounter Room: Participants are welcomed into a serene environment with soaking music designed to prepare hearts and minds for prayer and encounter with God.
    • Prayer Room: The core of our ministry, where individuals receive focused prayer from our healing teams, seeking divine healing and restoration.
    • Resources: We offer a package that includes scriptural resources on healing and teachings on how to steward your healing.

The BridgeWay Healing Rooms manifest our deep desire to see lives touched and transformed by God’s power. We are committed to providing a space where the love and power of Jesus Christ move freely, offering healing to all who come. As we continue to serve our community, we hold fast to our vision and values, trusting in God’s faithfulness to heal and restore.

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