Sunday Service: 9:30 AM (303) 695 8400

Join us for tomorrow’s service to find out the winning name.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a name suggestion.  There were some wonderful suggestions.  They include:

A Brighter Future, Together
Abundant Harvest
Angel Food
Bread And Bridges Food Bank
Bread of Life
Bridge to Abundance
Bridging the Gap Food Bank
Cheeses of Nazareth
Daily Bread Food Bank
Did You Feel The Cookies Crumble?
EATS- Eat And Thrive Spiritually
Feeding Souls
Fish and Loaves
Five Fishes and Two Loaves Pantry
Food on Fire
Foodies- Faith, Friends and Food
Fruit of the Spirit
Garden of Eatin’
Grace, Love and Grub
His Yoke Is Overeasy
Hope Bridges Food Bank
Jehovah Jireh’s Storehouse
Jesus Loves You! Pantry
Joyful Harvest
Manna From Heaven
More Than Enough Food Bank
My Brother’s Keeper Pantry
Oh Taste And See
Our Daily Bread
Pan-Tree of Life
Shepherd’s Table
Taco Bout Jesus
The Garden
The Gateway
You Make Me Come Olive