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To book a room at BridgeWay Church, please read this document thoroughly and then follow the instructions at the end.

We use an online calendar system to book rooms.  Before booking the room, please consider all the needs that you might have, as when you book the room, we ask that you book the resources as well.  Here are some things to ask yourself to decide what resources you might need.

  • What type of meeting or event are you having?
  • What size room might you need?
  • Are your dates set or are you able to be flexible with your dates?
  • Will you need tables, chairs, more than one room?
  • Do you have A/V needs?
    • Microphones?
    • Projection needs?
    • Ability to play music from a CD/MP3 or streaming service?
    • Will you need to play any videos or DVDs?
    • Will you be needing/having live worship?
  • Will you be having childcare?

We will try to accommodate the needs that you have for your event, but we cannot guarantee that we will have all resources available.  Please note, that for certain rooms, events, and resources there are some costs associated.  All building use need to be approved by the Staff Pastor that oversees the area your meeting or event would fall under.  Within 2-3 business days of your request being submitted online, we will get the Staff Pastor’s approval for your event.  Your event will then be tentatively approved, and we will send you any questionnaires that pertain to the resources you need.  We will then contact you within 3-4 business days by phone to discuss your event in more detail, the costs that may be associated with your event as well as the resources you have requested.  After this conference call your event will be considered approved, but we will not be able to confirm that we can accommodate the resources that you have requested.

To get the process rolling, please fill out the form below.