Sunday Service: 9:30 AM (303) 695 8400

As all around us is in upheaval, will your faith be shaken apart, or established? When it appears that more is being demolished, than established, can you trust that you are so anchored in Him that there is peace in spite of clamoring chaos?

Today there is an invitation for you from the Prince of Peace….Rather than being dismayed at both the internal and external upheaval, He is asking you to allow Him to establish in you….and then through you to others…an irresistible and substantial faith, based on His loving attachment to you that cannot come unstuck regardless of the severity of the shaking.

While things get unraveled, let His love form an even stronger attachment.

As His love builds and sustains, allow it to overflow into the chaos around you and change the atmosphere. Something new will grow out of this shaken up chaotic situation as His love permeates the ruins of despair with hope and prospect of new life. In Him, newness and optimism is possible….in fact it is only through the Holy Spirit that the unshakable starts to take firm root and bring forth something beautiful.

You are a chosen one, able to see beauty from ashes….you have a story, unique and powerful that is emerging out of the perplexing chaos of this time. Others will read this story, many just by watching, and be drawn irresistibly to the life giving source you draw from. Hope will arise as we set our face towards Him and new life will emerge as surely as the color of spring appears after the bleakness of winter.

You are loved, there is hope. You are the love and hope to those around you.

  Narelle is the Director, Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry.  Did you know…Narelle once scuba dived in the Pacific Ocean at 100ft with sharks….and lived to tell the tale!