Worship & Arts


The worship and arts ministries consists of various worship teams, artists, dancers, and many other forms of worship expression.


Worship Pastor: Simon Obert
The purpose of worship at BridgeWay Church is to provide a safe place filled with freedom for people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to enter into the manifest presence of God. Congregational worship is a time when we come together to honor God, to enthrone Him with our praise, declare His attributes, to draw near to Him in intimacy, express our love and devotion to Him, and experience His manifest presence together as a body of believers.

We desire for our corporate worship to be authentic and natural. We have seen, and long to see continue, the presence of God in such power in our worship service that people are healed by the power of God, come to salvation in His Son, and are delivered from bondage by God’s grace as we worship.

We desire that the manifest presence of God would be so evident in our worship service that people who enter the church building during our services would be overwhelmed with the tangible glory of God in our midst. We want to remain open to new ways that God wants to move during our times of worship.

We endeavor to release control of our worship service to the leadership of the Holy Spirit so that He may accomplish the Kingdom of God among us as He wishes. We have seen, and desire to continually see songs from the Holy Spirit, both of the bride and the Bridegroom, words of knowledge, prophecies, tongues and interpretations, as He wishes. We have also seen people receive supernatural physical healing from the Lord during worship, and our desire is that such healing would become the norm in our services.

We want to continue to encourage additional expressions that broaden and enhance our corporate worship experience, such as dance, banners that declare His attributes, songwriting, creative writing, and drama. We want to contine to see prophetic art blossom and become more inpactful in our worship services.

We desire to see people in our church worshipping God together, in community, instead of strangers worshipping God simultaneously.

We desire to develop and train worship leaders, dancers, artists, singers, and instrumentalists for the glory of God. We believe we have the duty and the privilege of helping to train and equip the upcoming generations for His service. Our call is to be a “sending” church and we believe we’re not to hoard the people God sends our way, but to train them, equip them, give them practical experience, and, when God wills, to bless them and send them out. We also believe the leadership of the worship team must pastor the members of the team, care for their well being and spiritual health and growth.

Before you fill out the application, here’s a quick video to fill you in on what we’re looking for. When you’re ready, scroll down to start the application.

  • Thank you so much for your interest in the Worship Arts Department here at BridgeWay Church. We are a collection of creatively-minded worshippers of Jesus that love God's presence and seek to connect people with the heart of the Father through using our artistic expression in the power of Holy Spirit. These expressions include music, art, dance, audio/visual production, sound team, and photography. We are always looking to grow and expand our worship arts department and believe it should be a current reflection of the creative community that calls BridgeWay home. Please take the time to fill this application out and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Be blessed and thanks again for your interest in the Worship Arts Department. Please contact me directly with any questions.- Simon Obert, Worship Arts Pastor, simon@bridgeway. Why an application? We believe that all people are creative in one way or another because we are all made in the image of The Creator, God! However, we do believe that there are those who are specifically called, anointed, and gifted to serve the Lord and others in artistic forms as leaders of the church. Our heart in having an application process is to identity those who have the spiritual and artistic maturity to serve and support the church in the arts.
  • **Signed Agreement - This is basically a way to call you up into a higher place of accountability over the average church attendee in lieu of the fact that, if you are accepted on to the BridgeWay Church Worship Arts Department, you will be in a place of leadership within the church. Upon your acceptance to the BridgeWay Worship Arts Department, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1) BridgeWay Church is my “church home”, and I consider myself a part of the church family. 2) I tithe to BridgeWay Church on a regular basis. 3) I will actively pursue a healthy spiritual lifestyle with the knowledge that I am in a place of leadership within the church body, and I will engage with my leaders in open and honest communication about my spiritual lifestyle and give them permission to speak into my life. 4) I will conduct myself under the freedom to make mistakes and try new things (Please type your name in the box below).
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