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Dates and times will vary with each individual group.


Pastoral Oversight: Daniel Veluswamy

Life Groups, formerly Missional Kingdom Families (MKF) groups, and our Specialty Groups are the hub of church life at BridgeWay. These mid-week groups provide micro-church, house-to-house, life-on-life, intergenerational, and small group gatherings. Life Group nights include prayer, worship, personal ministry, sermon discussion, Bible study, fellowship, and family dinner. The Specialty groups focus on book studies or focus on a specific demographic of our family. They focus on a balanced approach to encountering God, belonging to a family, growing as disciples, and impacting others in our community. With group gatherings throughout the Denver metroplex, your new family could be right next door.

The list of all the groups is listed below.  Please select the group(s) that is closest to your address and submit the form.  Your information will be sent to that group leader and they will follow up with the meeting details.

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