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Transformation Center


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Leader: Bret Rutland

Our Transformation Center offers training, ministry, and counseling. Specifically, we work in the areas of inner healing, identity, and the Father’s love so that individuals can break free from emotional issues, trauma, cyclical sin, relational brokenness, torment, and core issues of insecurity, fear, and shame-based thinking. The center also offers training and counseling to strengthen relationships, marriages, and design discovery. Our aim is both to help people break free and to lead them on the path of fully apprehending the joy, freedom, hope, and life found in living as true sons and daughters of God.


Six trained counselors and our pastoral staff offer services in the area of short and long-term pastoral counseling. Services range from pre-marital, marital, personal, groups, and issues-centered counseling.

We see echoes of God in every individual life and therefore approach each new client with reverence and respect. We seek to be gracious, gentle, honoring and sensitive, recognizing that a person’s present journey is essential and important part of their unfolding life story. We are passionate about showing every human being the unconditional acceptance and kindness they deserve as a unique and special person created in the image of God. We long to provide a safe and compassion-filled relationship that will release gifts of healing, authenticity, and creativity.

“Your process is designed to develop the muscles you will need to sustain the weight of your destiny.” – Johnny Enlow

To set an appointment you can contact our team at or you can contact a counselor directly through the information provided in their personal bio.

Bret Rutland, MA

Bret Rutland, MA


My passion is for each person to know they are the beloved of God and be filled with wonder of God’s love. This passion came after tragically losing my father to suicide at 6 years old.  I have a background in counseling and ministry of more than 20 years.  Specialties include trauma/abuse, anxiety, depression, identity in Christ, marital and relationship issues.  Modalities Include Transformation Prayer Ministry, Face to Face Ministry, SOZO, and HeartSync Ministry.

Phone: 303.667.4054