Sunday Service: 9:30 AM (303) 695 8400

Hello Wonderful Parents

This is really going to happen! Sunday, February 7th the doors to King’s Kids Children’s Ministry will be open again. We have missed seeing all of your faces so there is excitement in the air!!!!

There have been changes in all of our lives and more than half of our children ministers will not be returning to the classroom. We will therefore open with three classrooms instead of our regular seven and limit the class sizes. Registration for each service will happen the Sunday before as the service is ending. So, for our February 7th launch date, online registration will open Sunday, January 31st right after service. It is on a first come first served basis. Registration instructions will be emailed as soon as we work out a few kinks.  Here are the classroom details.

  • Doves – Walking through 3 years 10 children (no masks required)
  • Eaglets – 4 years through kindergarten 10 children (with masks)
  • King’s Kids Children’s Church – 1st through 5th grades 20 children (with masks)

Since the ministry being prepared for the children doesn’t accommodate further stretching of the age combinations we will only accommodate children in their classrooms as listed above.

Regarding the wearing of masks please know that children who attend in-person classes during the week wear masks and have agreed to protect their classmates when away from school. Teachers will be wearing masks and the children will have time to wash hands before, during and after class time. Hand sanitizers will be in every classroom.  As soon as the weather warms up we will utilize the playground as much as possible for maskless class activities.

Ways to help:

  • Monday, February 1st I will be preparing the classrooms from noon until 4. If you are able to assist please email me.
  • We are in need of parents to volunteer once a month to assist other parents with the check in process. In this position you are free to attend service by 10:15.
  • We need volunteers once a month for the Floater positions.  This position acts as an overseer assisting teachers, students or parents as needed throughout the service. You are able to watch the service online in the children’s supply office.
  • We are also taking teacher and helper applications for every age level. The application is attached and can be used for all positions mentioned.

Yes, this is really happening and we look forward to greeting your children very soon. If you have moved to another church please let me know so I can remove you from future mailings. I’m happy to help if you have questions or need clarification on anything above.