Operation Joy to the World will be a program that will help bless the BridgeWay families that may be in a tough financial situation this year, due to unemployment, underemployment, sickness, etc.  We will do this by identifying and screening families with children that are in need this year of Christmas gifts, which can include, but are not limited to:  New (store bought) clothes, toys, and accessories. Families will be identified though our Benevolence and Children’s department, as well as all general church promotion.



Click here to nominate children and families. We are asking for a Children’s wish list (18 and younger) with some basic information on how to connect with these families.


Volunteers will **pick up ornaments for each individual child, and purchase the items of the wish list (at their own discretion and financial capacity). All gifts must be store bought, wrapped, and placed in a plastic bag, labeled with the Child’s Number and returned to Bridgeway Church no later than December 15th 2020 at 4:00PM.

Any ornaments that have not been picked up for sponsorship will be presented to the congregation and on social media until the need is met.


For those that can’t go out to purchase gifts for children we are asking for sponsors that will donate financially toward the purchase of gifts for each child.  You cane make a donation to Operation Joy at:



All gifts that are returned from sponsors will be sorted for the families and bagged on Thursday, December 16th.  Distribution of the family gifts will then be done by volunteers on Sunday, December 19th, after church service in the BridgeWay Church lobby.