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Our Apostolic Relationships

We honor our Apostolic fathers in the faith. We are grateful for their covering, blessings, and impartation in the life of BridgeWay. We partner with them to expand God’s Kingdom.

Our Apostolic Relationships

Our primary apostolic alignments are

Bethel Leaders Network (BLN) Bethel Church: Bill Johnson   

Global Awakening: Randy Clark

Global Mission Awareness: Leif Hetland, Paul Yadao

Partners in Harvest: John and Carol Arnott

Iris Ministries: Rolland and Heidi Baker

Bethel Church /
Bethel Leaders Network (BLN)

Our church’s primary covering is Bethel Church and Global Legacy. Led by Bill Johnson, Bethel’s mission is revival…the personal, regional and global expansion of God’s Kingdom through His manifest presence.

Global Awakening.

Global Awakening exists to impart the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Led by Dr. Randy Clark, they train, equip, and mobilize people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds to reproduce the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit for power and evangelism to fulfill the great commission.

Global Mission Awareness.

Led by Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao, Global Mission Awareness is a family passionate about pursuing the Kingdom. Their goal is to bring light to the darkest of places to touch lives and transform nations with love.

Partners In Harvest.

Led by John and Carol Arnott, Partners In Harvest is a worldwide family of churches partnering to spread the fire of God’s love, presence and healing throughout the nations.

Iris Global.

Led by Heidi and Roland Baker, Iris Global exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth in all its aspects, but most especially through their particular calling to serve the very poor: the destitute, the lost, the broken, and the forgotten. 

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