Sunday Service: 9:30 AM (303) 695 8400

When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Psalm 27:8

As we begin 2022 we are setting our faces towards Heaven to seek the Lord together through corporate prayer and fasting. While every fast doesn’t look the same, they are similar in that we are all setting something aside to give a focused attention to what God is saying to us as a Body. We believe that as we humble ourselves and pray we will hear from Heaven.

In this year of our 25th anniversary we want to particularly focus on the following prayer points.

1. Our Connection with God: Seek the Lord for what it looks like for us personally to rely on the Holy Spirit and God’s grace 100% of the time? What does it look like for us personally to be yoked to Jesus and living from intimacy and presence? Ask the Lord for personal revival as we are led.

2. God’s Blessing and Move at BridgeWay Church: Ask the Lord for a revival move of the Holy Spirit in BridgeWay and our state. Ask the Lord to bless the Leadership at BridgeWay, providing the needed people and alignments.

3. Your Focus and Direction for 2022: Rehearse your past promises and prophetic words. Ask for a new direction. What is He asking and saying in this season? Seek the Lord as to how He is instructing you to move forward in these areas.

Thank you for joining this corporate fast. We believe God will speak and when He does we will obey. Please share what you are hearing during your fast in the comment section below.