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The Purposes of Fasting: Why I fast personally!

  1. It reminds me of my total dependence on God for any aspect of life. (Matthew 4:4)
  2. To quiet my soul; cease striving, get out of worry or fear. (Psalm 46:10)
  3. To gain God’s perspective on the issues of concern in my heart. (Acts 9:9)
  4. To make greater avenues for the Holy Spirit and God’s Kingdom in my life. (Acts 1:4)
  5. To wholeheartedly and humbly show God I am really serious about an issue on my heart, and I want Him to hear my request. (Ezra 8:21-23)
  6. To hear the Lord more clearly, seek guidance, seek what God wants to say to me. (Acts 13:2)
  7. To get more in touch with the purposes and love of God for me and others.
  8. To seek God for the extension of His Kingdom, for revival, for His purposes on earth. (2 Chron. 20:1-30)
  9. For healing, deliverance from evil, and to overcome spiritual opposition. (Mark 9:29)

Essentially, fasting is a chosen time where I put God and His purposes first, before my own wants and desires. (Isaiah 58:1-7; Matthew 6:16-18)

Why do I feel the church should fast?

  1. A corporate fast unites the body and creates a unity of prayer focus.
  2. The Bible tells us there is great power in corporate unity and that unity is a landing pad for the presence of God. Unity in prayer defeats spiritual forces of darkness that oppose us and clears the airwaves, so to speak, for the Lord to move in a more unhindered way.
  3. Fasting also refocuses us on God and clears out negativity and disappointment.

The Benefits of Fasting – Isaiah 58:8-12

Verse 8-9

  • Your light will break out at dawn – Revelation from God
  • Your healing will quickly appear – Restored health physically and spiritually
  • Your righteousness will go before you – cleansing from sin, deliverance from old patterns to live out the righteousness of Christ
  • The glory of the Lord will be your rear guard – presence of God will go with you
  • Then you will call… – the Lord will hear your prayers and answer you Verse 11-12
  • Light in darkness – gloom, discouragement insecurities, fear to fade away
  • The Lord will guide you always
  • He will satisfy your needs
  • He will strengthen your frame – endurance for the long haul
  • You will be like a well watered garden – fruitful in every way
  • With springs that don’t fail – life of God and the Holy Spirit is freshly available to you and other your life touches
  • Re-builder, repairer – God will use us to heal broken people, to rebuild righteousness, to raise up God’s Kingdom, to lead people to Christ

How to Fast this Year

  • I suggest a negativity fast.
    • Cut off bad news and media
    • Lay the concerns of your soul before God
    • Get around others with a faith mindset
  • Consider a Daniel fast if you do a food fast.
  • Be sure to set aside time for God.
  • Pray around the following three items:
    • Your Connection with God: Seek the Lord for what it looks like for you personally to be yoked to Jesus, to rely on the Holy Spirit and God’s grace 100% of the time?
    • God on the Move Corporately: Ask the Lord for a revival move of the Holy Spirit at BridgeWay and in our state. Ask the Lord to bless the Leadership at BridgeWay, providing the needed leadership and growth.
    • Your Personal Focus 2022: Rehearse your past promises and prophetic words. What is God saying in this season? How is He instructing you to move forward?